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ESG and sustainable development

Our dental clinic strives not only to provide high quality medical services, but also takes care of the environment by minimizing pollution in the process of its activities. We are forming an ecosystem of a medical organization based on transparent reporting, high quality management, maintaining connections and relationships within the institution (between medical and administrative personnel), and our external partners.

The policy of Dental Clinic No 8 in the field of sustainable development

Internal personnel policy

Dental Clinic №8 is implementing the corporate program «Health at Work». We carry out various activities to combat smoking, maintain employees’ physical activity, relieve emotional stress and manage stress. Currently, our dentistry is implementing a corporate program “Health at Work”, the goal of which is to preserve the health of employees.

More than 50% of doctors and dental technicians were trained abroad (Japan, South Korea, Israel, China).

Relationship with patients

Fifty years of experience in the field of dentistry has allowed us to define our mission:

  • To offer our patients all types of dental care at the most advanced technological level
  • paying special attention to caring for our patients at all stages of treatment and after its completion, taking into account the principle of clinical examination, to ensure individual approach to each patient.

We strive for trusting and long-term relationships with our patients. A friendly attitude towards everyone who comes to our institution, receiving high-quality dental care, and convenient service allow our patients to feel their importance to us. Feedback from them to assess satisfaction with the dental care received contributes to the further development of the dental clinic and strengthening relationships with its patients.

Foreign Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire

Website for foreign patients in 4 languages ​​(russian, english, armenian, azerbaijani)

Some statistics:

  • More than 4,500 operations per year. More than 5,000 implants installed.
  • More than 2500 works produced using CAD/CAM technology in our own laboratory.
  • More than 123,000 clinic visits per year.
  • Almost 3,000 foreign and nonresident patients have been treated since 2019.

Environmental policy

We care about the environment by minimizing pollution in the course of our activities. Since the problem of the negative impact of the activities of various organizations on the environment is becoming more and more urgent. In this way, we do our part to ensure environmental safety.

Anti-corruption policy

Transparency of activities and anti-corruption are our priorities in our work.

Agreement for the supply of goods.

Statistics data from «Dental Clinic No. 8»

Promotion of dental services on the international market

Dental Clinic № 8 is a participant in the regional project «Development of Export of Medical Services» (Volgograd Region).

Participation in the 28 Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition as part of the official delegation of the Volgograd region to the Republic of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan, Almaty, May 2023.

Participation in the award ceremony for the winners of the district stage of the All-Russian competition «Exporter of the Year» in the Southern Federal District. September 2023.

Participation in events within the framework of the release of the regional project «Development of export of medical services» (Volgograd region) and in the 22 international specialized exhibition «Recreation and Entertainment EXPO 2023». Armenia, Yerevan, September 2023.

IX Russian conference with international participation «Medical tourism: problems and prospects», Russia, Volgograd, October 2023.

XI open Russian dental forum “VOLGA DENTAL SUMMIT” (cadaver course on surgical dentistry “Augmentation of the lower jaw”). Russia, Volgograd, October 2023.

Participation in the International Scientific and Practical Forum «Russian Healthcare Week». Russia, Moscow, December 2023.

Participation in the work of the Volgograd Region stand at the exhibition site on the territory of VDNKh (Volgograd Region Health Care Week). Russia, Moscow, January 2024.

Membership in the Association, regional projects.

Regional project «Development of export of medical services» (Volgograd region)

Russian Association of Dentists

Volgograd Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Our achievements on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals