Orthopedic Dentistry

Orthopedic dentistry deals with dental prosthetic restoration of missing teeth via dentures advanced technologies and methods of restoring teeth. Our clinic is constantly working on improving the quality of medical and orthopedic care and implements up-to-date methods and techniques of orthopedic care.

The specialists of our clinic provide services for prosthetics of teeth of any complexity. We use modern technologies for prosthetics of the oral cavity and restoration of the chewing efficiency of teeth in their partial and complete absence. Orthopedic dentistry. Removable prostheses with fixation on implants.

The specialists of our clinic have mastered and started zirconium dioxide technologies application.

In preparing patients for prosthetics we widely use modern tooth preserving technologies. Root amputation surgery; tooth hemisection; flap operations and open curettage with bone grafting.

Laser technologies are fundamental in the rehabilitation of the oral cavity. They are used in gingivectomy and gingivoplasty therapy to reduce the depth of periodontal pockets, lengthening the crown of the tooth, laser retraction of the gums when preparing for the crown. Orthopedic dentistry.

The main principle of our work is the tooth preservation. Therefore we make every effort to keep roots and use them as the basis.

All types of prosthetics are performed by highly qualified doctors Prosthetics are made using the most modern materials from manufacturers from Germany Japan USA

We provide the following services

1. Orthopedic dentistry Microprosthetics restoration of the crown part of the tooth with the use of inlays and overlays made of light cured material Keramage

2.  Prosthetics with the help of roots is a modern method that uses the remaining roots of the teeth with healthy periodontium.

Usage of pin and stump tab allows any kind of crown replacement. All types of crowns are available t our clinic: metal-ceramic, metal free, Zirconia, molded. Implant Prosthetic.

3.  Orthopedic Dentistry. Fixed ceramic-metal construction on implants; production of removable dentures with the use of beam system of the fixation of the implant.

The suggested treatment can be divided into 2 stages: surgical and orthopedic. Surgical stage includes surgery with the application of implants from 3 to 6 months. Opening of implants and the installation of the abutment.

Orthopedic stage is a direct replacement with use of the abutment by means of which a connection is made between the crown of the tooth and the implant. With removable dentures from four to six implants are installed in the jaw and a conditionally removable denture with beam locking system is made.

4.  Removable prosthesis with partial teeth absence.

Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges Production.

Production of ceramic crowns bridges via metal-free dioxide Zirconia technology. Solid construction production.

Metal-ceramic and solid structures with pre-restoration of the crown with post-and-core pin part prosthodontics production.

5. Orthopedic dentistry Removable dentures with complete and partial teeth loss.

Full removable plate prosthesis.

Removable dentures on implants and prostheses.

Clasp prosthesis with closure and clasp fixation system.

Orthopedic dentistry.

6. Treatment and prosthetics of patients with chronic forms of periodontitis.

The treatment is carried out in two stages,

1. At the first stage our doctors use methods of surgical treatment of open curettage, applying osteotropic materials and dental laser.

2. At the second stage the patient is provided with immediate prosthetics.

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